👉 HOTEL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY WITH THE HOTEL VIA PHONE. Make sure you mention you’re with the Sn3 Symposium.
IMPORTANT: Because we have blocked all the rooms for the Symposium, the Online Registration feature will respond with “Select another date”. Note, you’ll be quoted two rates, one for week nites and one for weekends. We tried to get one flat rate but “no luck”.
Note that the hotel has a small staff and you may need to leave a message and they will call you back.

👉 Virginia City is at an elevation of 6150 ft. so dress appropriately!

👉 Weather this time of the year can be warm & clear, cold & clear, or snowy. If it does snow though, it typically doesn’t last long. Here’s a link to Weather Underground for the most current conditions:

👉 If flying into Reno and renting a car, we strongly suggest getting an all wheel drive model “just in case”.

AIRFARE TIP – Check with your preferred carriers on flying from your home port to Las Vegas, some say “Lost Wages”, first and from there to Reno. It seems as if the casinos subsidize travel to and from Las Vegas.

👉 The town of Virginia City is built on a hillside, some say “cliff!”, so bring appropriate walking shoes. The hotel and it’s parking lot are nice and level though.

👉 Want more info on the local area? Visit visitvirginiacitynv.com

👇 If you have any other questions …
our friendly committee is waiting to give you answers