Clinics & Layouts


Clinic #1 – From Dark to Light, by Warren Judge – Painting figures so that they DON”T look like Dollar Store purchases! Clinic presenter Warren Judge is an absolute master artist and his modeling is proof. He’ll take you through the process and describe the paints used. Once you’ve sat in on this one, you’ll be able to turn your figures and vehicles into “Foreground model”….. IMHO.

Clinic #2 –  Trees: The What-When-Where-Why & How, by John Mckenzie – Many of you know John McKenzie thru the McKenzie Brothers Tree Company. His evergreens and deciduous trees populate layouts all across the U.S. John’s going to talk about proper placement of trees, types of trees, and maybe a little on making trees. John is a horticultural master in the world of tree modeling. No where in his clinic will he say it’s OK to place palm trees in the Colorado high country(yes, I’ve seen that done…what were they thinking?!?)

Clinic #3 – Hand laying turnouts without jigs using PC ties, by Paul Vaughn – Paul brings us another perspective on hand laying turnouts. With the demise of Shinohara, and PBL turnouts being made of Unobtainium right now, Paul shows us a unique alternative way of laying you own.

Clinic #4 – Weathering vehicles, by Warren Judge. Using many of the same techniques as Warren describes in his Dark to Light clinic, he show you how to take the inexpensive cars and trucks(think Etsi, etc.), as well as those more expensive models such as Railmaster Exports and turn them into something special.

Layouts – see some example photos in the Gallery!

Jim Petro’s early 50’s era D&RGW HO standard gauge layout. Located in a 22 x 60 ft basement room this layout is a must see. 90% finished, it features both steam and diesel locomotives, DCC operation and excellent structures and scenery

Jim Price’s Southern Pacific 40’s era HO standard gauge layout. This is probably one of the largest HO layouts you’ll ever see, especially by a single individual. Located in three separate rooms with Jim’s rendition of the Oakland Mole, the Roseville yards and construction of the line to Reno.

Rick Neet’s Sn3 Nighthawk. Yes, it’s the same Nighthawk that was originally built by Brain Ellerby. It’s now in its new home in Dayton, NV in a dedicated layout room in a three car garage. Plans are to freshen up, expand and adapt it but still retaining most of Brian’s stunning work. If time allows, there will simple operation with S-Cab “dead rail” battery equipped locos.

Bob Westphal’s Western Pacific. Centered around the Western Pacific during the 40’s & 50’s, you’ll see Bob’s version of the Keddie Wye along with some local logging. Trackwork is done and scenery started.

Paul Martinovich’s Southern and Western Pacific. This well done N Scale layout depicts the mountain scenery of Eastern California along with representations of Reno and Portola. As an added bonus, it’s only 10 minutes from the Nevada State RR Museum!

Bob Norwich’s Free Lance RR. This 220 ft sq. G scale layout features many highly detailed scenes. Bob is a master at weathering and adding those details that bring life to a layout.

Aaron Splawn’s SP Kearsarge Diorama. This will be on display in the hotel foyer for all to see. Aaron’s scratch built Kearsarge Depot combined with the photo backdrop really put the viewer in the scene. He’s also taken a Life-Like HO stock pen and converted it to S scale. Only the most observant rivet counter would ever tell the difference.