Tours & Extras

Special Tours And Extra Fares

Special Tours

  1. Nevada State RR Museum
  2. The Way it Was Museum
  3. Comstock Firemen’s Museum
  • Included in Registration
  • Included in Registration
  • Free – Please Make A Donation

Extra Fares

  1. Donovan’s Mill
    A 30 stamp mill that was the last mill to operate in the Comstock
  2. Comstock Gold Mill
    Small operating stamp mill
  3. V&T RR Locomotive Shop Tour
    Witness the locomotives and cars undergoing annual winter maintenance & overhaul. No. 29, a 1914 slide valve 10 wheeler, may be undergoing FRA overhaul. If so she’ll be totally naked!
  • $ 6.00

  • $ 6.00

  • $ 10.00

V & T RR Shop Tour:
The V & T has graciously agreed to open up their shops for our group to witness their locomotives and cars undergoing annual winter maintenance and/or overhaul. In addition to several stinky old diesels, you see their No. 29, a 1914 slide valve 10 wheeler, No. 18 ex-McCloud River RR 2-8-2, and their newest acquisition, ex-Santa Maria Valley No. 100 another 2-8-2. It’s possible that No. 29 will be undergoing it’s FRA 1472 overhaul. If so she’ll be totally naked!
The fare is to cover the additional insurance expense to the V&T by have non-employee’s on the property.

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Virginia & Truckee R.R.
We’re working with the Virginia & Truckee RR for an exclusive steam charter strictly for Symposium attendees and local RR modelers. This could possibly include photo run by’s with freight cars and take place on Saturday afternoon.

Trip would take approximately 2-2 1/2 hours if run by’s take place. If weather is clear, car consist will include a open gondola and caboose. If weather is inclement then the consist will be two heavy commuter coaches. You’ll see mines, mill remains, most likely wild horses and beautiful high desert scenery

In as much that the Symposium is being held when the V&T steam operations are down for seasonal maintenance, fares are yet to be determined. We’re expecting something in the range of $100-125.00. A big factor will be the number of attendees who make a commitment to ride, so please note such on your registration if you’re seriously interested in the smell of steam oil and blast of the whistle.